Zaina Arafat

Selected Essays & Stories

Profile of Mohamed Sidibay, former child soldier and current UNESCO activist, Fordham Lawyer, forthcoming Spring 2020

"Our Arab," The Believer, June/July 2018

"When Getting a College Degree Requires Self-Exile," The New York Times, Sept. 2017

"American Dystopia: An Interview With Omar El-Akkad", The Margins, Feb. 2018

“Power Jam: Roller Derby as Political Act,” Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 2017 

“Asking Jihadists Why They Hate Us,” Vice, June 2017

“Imagining Trump’s Border Plan as a Guantánamo,’” Vice, May 2017 

“Fitzgerald Will Never Die: Review of I’d Die for You, and Other Lost Stories, Vice, April 2017 

“Refugees Want to Fall in Love, Just Like Everyone Else,” Vice, March 2017 

“This Refugee Is 3D-Printing Lost Limbs for Syrian War Survivors”, Vice, Feb 2017 

“Dear Students: A Letter From Your Muslim-American Teacher,” Vice, Nov. 2016

“Wrap Star,” BuzzFeed, Sept. 2016 

“Resist,” Iowa Review, Fall 2015  

“Persist,” Granta, Dec. 2013 

“The Problem With Being Palestinian on Thanksgiving,” BuzzFeed, Nov. 2013

“Are the Rights of Some Citizens Worth More than those of Others?” Huffington Post, Dec 2012 

“Obama Avows ‘A New Beginning’ To Muslims,” NPR, June 2009 

“Being A ‘Hyphenated American’ Opens Two Worlds,” Christian Science Monitor, Feb 2009 

“Life in the Spies’ Back Yard,” The Washington Post, May 2008 

“Iraq: Is Partition the Answer?” The Atlantic, Nov. 2006 

“In the Face of Genocide,” The Atlantic, Oct. 2006 

“Hizbullah Doesn’t Speak for Lebanon,” The Christian Science Monitor, Aug.16, 2006  

Selected Portfolios

"Bona Fide Relationships," The Margins.

Through stories, essays, and poems, writers imagine new narratives that speak to Trump’s Muslim ban.

Old School: The Optimistic Hour